domingo, 30 de agosto de 2009

Renault Trucks Consult v4.16 02 2009 (Windows)

Renault Trucks Consult v4.16 <02> (Windows) | 1,2 GB
This Disc contains a catalogue of parts and accessories for Renault trucks. Languages available: English and Russian.


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Kaleem Askforseo dijo...

Hi Guys Good Post Renault truck parts.Renault has provided a preview glimpse of its new concept car, DeZir, ahead of this year’s Paris Motor Show. The new two-seater coupe features massive 21 inch wheels and a zero-emissions electric drivetrain. Entry to the vehicle is via a pair of gullwing doors, and once inside passengers are treated to a two-seater bench seat. The absence of a rear window is overcome by the fitment of two rear-facing cameras that provide the driver with a panoramic view of what is happening behind the car.Thanks for sharing this information.